2017 Granite County Walktober

Final Walktober Results

The final results are in for the 12th Annual Walktober and the miles are impressive!
1) SHAPE                                                    1875
2) Pal Gwe                                                  1752
3) Ki-Cho                                                    1676
4) Sharon’s Shakers and Movers              1620
5) Old Stuff, No Lollygaggers                    1463
6) Hospital Hoofers                                    1090
7) GCMF                                                      909
8) FCTA                                                       791
9) Book-N-It                                                777
10) Walking Warriors                                  641
11) Walk, Paper, Scissors                           540
12) Fight Like a Girl                                     539
13) Hall School Lower                                 238
14) Hall School Upper                                198
15) Hall School Teachers                           171
16) Happy Walkers                                      96

That is a total of 14,376 miles accumulated in 31 days!

Our individual winner is Mary West from Sharon’s Shakers and Movers with 466 miles
all on her own! Thank you to everyone who participated this year and to
Chef Brent Parker for providing the tasty Winners Dinner!

Week 3 Walktober Results:

After 3 weeks of competition, the standing have changed for the 12th Annual Walktober Fest!

1) SHAPE                                                    1300 miles
2) Pal Gwe                                                  1202
3) Ki-Cho                                                    1122
4) Sharon’s Shakers and Movers              1005
5) Old Stuff, No Lollygaggers                    874
6) GCMF                                                      722
7) Hospital Hoofers                                    641
8) Book-n-It                                                449
9) Walking Warriors                                    393
10) Fight Like a Girl                                     377
11) Walk, Paper, Scissors                           372
12) Hall School Lower                                268
13) FCTA                                                     258
14) Hall School Upper                                231
15) Hall School Teachers                           151
16) Happy Walkers                                     65

Keep up the good work everybody!!!

Week 1 Walktober Results:

The 12th Annual Walktober Fest is off to a great start with 15 teams participating this year!

Miles for Week 1:

1) Ki-Cho                                          383
2) Pal Gwe                                        372
3) Sharon’s Shakers and Movers    321
4) Shape                                           273
5) Old Stuff, No Lollygaggers         236
6) Hospital Hoofers                          213
7) GCMF                                            199
8) Book-n-It                                      153
9) Walking Warriors                          127
10) Walk, Paper, Scissors                 119
11) FCTA                                             69
12) Hall School Upper                        62
13) Hall School Lower                        57
14) Hall School Teachers                  30
15) Happy Walkers                            18

Check back for more results as they are updated weekly!



2017 Walktober Materials:

Download and print the 2017 Team Captain Packet here (zip file).

View or print the conversion chart.


2016 Granite County Walktober Event & Results

Final Walktober Results (Reported 11/01/16)

And the winner is…. TKD G for the 1000 Mile Club with 1933 miles
and The Walking Warriors in the 500 Mile Club with 942 miles!
The Individual winner this year was TJ Oram with 450 miles all by himself.
Here are all of the final results:
1 1933 TKD G
2 1541 Rock Creek Misfits
3 1461 Walk Stars 1
4 1253 Hospital Hoofers
5 1208 Holy Walkamolies
6 1075 The Pony Express
7 1058 TKD K
1 942 Walking Warriors
2 925 Trail Blazers
3 902 Drummond Trackers
4 892 no report Sharon’s Shakers and Movers
5 820 Johnson Tuning Fork Ranch
6 776 Walk Stars 2
7 742 Book N It
8 717 Team Fight Like A Girl
9 605 Walking On Sunshine
10 466 Wendy’s Wacky Walkers
11 346 no report Pintler Ranger District
12 246 Teeny Tiny Team
13 194 The Happy Walkers
14 140 no report Team Liam Strong
15 125 no report Death Star
16 124 no report Death Defiers
17 110 no report The Tectonic Plates
Thanks to all who walked for fitness, breast cancer awareness and a little friendly competition this month. We are truly impressed by the 18,601 reported miles that Granite County logged!

View and print the 2016 team captain’s letter, conversion chart and log sheet.

Download the Team Captain Packet here (zip file).

View the event on Facebook and invite others to join in the fun!


2015 Granite County Walktober Event & Results


What a record breaking year it has been for the 10th Annual Walktober Event! This year saw 25 teams and 220 participants walk a total of 19,607 miles! Mike Young walked the most miles, logging 293 during the month of October. Peggy Jensen will contact the winners to distribute prizes. We hope you’ll attend the 2015 Festival of Trees, where the teams that made their goals will be recognized. Great job to everyone who participated and thank you for making this year’s event so successful. Here are the final standings:

Final Walktober Results:

1000 Mile Club:

TKD I    2099
Walking Warriors    1796
Walk Stars    1702
Hiking Hotties    1279
Red Hot Chili Steppers    1201
Stuff-n-Such Striders    1067
Ranch at Walk Creek    855

500 Mile Club:
Hospital Hoofers    1142
TKD II    1010
Walking Talkers    798
Book-n-It    614
Team Fight Like a Girl    610
Walk-a-Nators    577
Street Walkers    555
Johnson Tuning Fork Ranch    546
Mountain Milers    521
Wendy’s Wacky Walkers    510
Team Montana    456
These Shoes are Made for Walking    450
Forbes 500 Team    429
Drummond Cenex Team    419
Bone Crushers    346
Otter Walkers    321
Terrific Teachers    281
Happy Walkers (GCMC Residents)    23

10th Annual Walktober Revs Up Fall Fitness in Granite County

Granite County residents will kick off the 10th annual Walktober event by walking the first mile together through the streets of Philipsburg and Drummond on October 1st. Walktober is celebrating its 10th year with a month-long event and competition for prizes, including an activity tracker worth over $100. Residents are encouraged to form a team of four to 10 people and join the 500 or 1,000 clubs to kick-off the fall holiday season in a healthy way. Although participants aren’t required to take part in the kick-off event, those who are interested will meet at the Philipsburg or Drummond Libraries at Noon on October 1st, wearing pink for breast cancer awareness.

Walktober is the brainchild of Peggy Jensen, physical therapist at the Granite County Medical Center, and a former patient of hers, Sharon McCoy. 12 years ago, they wanted to inspire fitness in the community to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month. Although it started as a one-time event, it became a popular way to get out and get active before the snow falls.

This local event has changed through the years. Although about 150 Granite County residents have taken part each year, it has grown steadily toward loftier fitness targets. It started with a 100-mile club and soon increased to include a 300-mile club. Now, 500 and 1,000-mile clubs are the only options offered. The teams have kept pace, with 5,421 total miles walked in 2005 and 9,557 miles logged last year—in the past 10 years, participants have nearly doubled their total miles walked.  

The Granite County Medical Foundation (GCMF) has joined the effort this year in order to provide outreach for the event and prizes to Walktober winners. The winning individual who logs the most miles will receive a Garmin Vivofit Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor. The winning team in each mileage category will win a special meal prepared by Chef Brent of Parker’s restaurant. Winning teams will also be recognized at the 2015 GCMF Festival of Trees at The Ranch at Rock Creek on November 14, 2015. 

Granite County Medical Foundation Board Member Maria Conn said, “The Foundation conducts a survey after the Women’s Wellness Brunch where people always ask about local fitness opportunities. What better time to get active, than to participate in Walktober? Many of us are looking to start a new program that will keep us moving in the winter. We hope we can help more people take advantage of this wonderful event that Peggy Jensen has brought to the community.”

Peggy Jensen encouraged people to use the exercise conversion chart that’s provided to the teams, in order to remain active in the winter months.  Activities like chopping wood, cleaning your house or riding a stationary bike count as logged exercise during the event. As the snow falls, she recommended people find a winter sport they love, such as snowshoeing or cross-country skiing that allows them to get in the sun and enjoy the landscape.

Jensen added, “I think Granite County is getting more and more active every year. You can see that with the new Flint Creek Trails Association, the Philipsburg Rotary bike skills project and the Drummond Kiwanis Riverside Park and trail. People want to stay fit and active and healthy.”